1. Baron Beach, Jogjakarta, Java/ a motorbike tour brought us to this beach where fishermen put out to sea

  2. Baron Beach, Jogjakarta, Java/ a motorbike tour brought us to this beach where fishermen put out to sea

  3. Jogjakarta, Java/ another way of sleeping in a train, at least he used newspaper to cover the dirty floor 

  4. Jogjakarta, Java/ one evening we met this boy having his pigeons with him, he lets them fly to his and puts them in a cage again. I guess its kinda walk a dog but with birds ;) 

    And the first of this series will be available soon on http://www.photodemocracy.com/ as a C-Type print, and to see on 13. of August in http://www.chrisbeetlesfinephotographs.com/ 

  5. Jogjakarta, Java/ Bus drive

  6. I f*cked up the developing but some interesting “bubbles” though :) 

  7. Baron Beach/ near Jogjakarta, Java —great day !! :D

  8. my exhibition in Frank’s Bar, Norwich is still on until this sunday :) 

    come and see — feel free to contact me if you want to go there for having a coffee with me ;) 

  9. Java, Yogyakarta/ Welcome to Yogyakarta … it was really lovely to travel with you Carla (picture) and Sarah !! :) 

  10. Sumatra, Bukittinggi/ we say goodbye to Bukittinggi … one of the most beautiful and varying places we were during our journey 

  11. Sumatra, Bukittinggi/ shot on a motorbike trip, we accidentally came to a little village and were probably one of the first whities they ve ever seen … 

  12. Sumatra, Bukittinggi/ on a motorbike trip we passed a school and got in touch with some of the school kids 

  13. Sumatra, Bukittinggi/ the last pictures of the market in Bukittinggi

  14. Sumatra, Bukittinggi/ I dont know what she is so scared of … still on the market

  15. Sumatra, Bukittinggi/ on the city market